Notice of Unemployment Benefits Appeal

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To contact TWC for any other reason, see: Contact Information

Continue to request payment every two weeks while waiting on your appeal, unless you return to full-time work. Let us know right away if you change your mailing address. To change or verify your address, go to and select Contact information.

See How to Appeal a Decision, or read the document(s) you received from TWC for more information about the unemployment benefits appeals process.

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Claimant's Information

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Appeal Details

Note: If you are not the claimant, provide your name.
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Caution: If you submit an appeal before TWC mailed the determination or decision, it will not be accepted.



Describe your reason for appealing. If you are submitting the appeal late or you did not attend a hearing, include an explanation about why your appeal is late or you did not attend. Also include any dates or times when you cannot participate in a hearing.

Caution: Your appeal IS NOT COMPLETE until you submit it and receive a confirmation number.